Ed Tomlinson, Owner, California Keyboards Music Center

Official Tuner for the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra

I began my career in piano service at Cascade Piano in Portland OR in 1986.

I have now been working with pianos for more than 25 years. In my younger years I apprenticed under Bill Garlick, one of Steinway’s most celebrated piano technicians and head of Steinway’s Technical department for 17 of the glory years. He also headed up the prestigious North Bennet Street School of Piano Technology. It was a privilege to know and work with such a master of his craft.

I am a graduate of the Little Red Schoolhouse, Yamaha's elite training, which is a ‘by invitation only’ school. In the last decade I have also been to all trainings for Disklavier Piano repairs and the ‘Concert Level Training’ by Yamaha. I have made two trips to Japan and been through multiple instrument manufacturing facilities. I have also attended classes on regulating, voicing and concert prep by Steinway, Bosendorfer, Kawai, Renner, and other major manufacturers.

I attend and/or teach at countless national and regional conventions with the music industry and Piano Technicians Guild, and keep up on the latest tips and techniques in piano technology.

One of my greatest joys was restoring 52 pianos in Namibia and South Africa for missionaries that dedicate their lives to bringing joy to the people of Africa.